February 19 – March 20

Element: Water
Ruling planet: Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Stone: Bloodstone
Life pursuit: Avoid feeling alone, and connecting with others
Secret desire: Turn fantasies into realities

Mysterious  and very alluring individuals, most Pisces are extremely talented. They are very gifted in many ways, but they still manage somehow to spend most of their lives battling basic confusing. Their sign symbolizes the image of two fish, one heading up stream and the other pulling downward. This mirrors exactly how Pisceans are always torn between two different pathways in life, or living at a constant crossroads with tough decisions and being able to see the beauty of each path.

The number 2 is very important to this astrological sign, and very powerful meaning. This sign is acknowledged as being a saint and the sinner all rolled into one. Considering all of their vulnerable characteristics, Pisces are very adaptable and resilient. They are found to be in very diverse areas of life, such as on one side of the coin many Pisces are found to be business millionaires, and on the other side prisons, correctional institutions, and reform school statistically hold a high number of Pisces also.

They have an inner quest to explore their” ivory tower syndrome” aka removing themselves from anyone else, which can cause some very tough living environments. Out of all of the signs of the zodiac Pisces tends to end up in most of the trouble of their lifetime compared to the others. They fantasize often about being other people, situations, and most of all finding romance. They often fantasize so much, they can become somewhat delusional. Emotions can be a weak spot for this sign.

One of the tough spots for a Pisces life is romance. When things are going well, you are on cloud 9 and feel amazing. On the other hand can be truly devastated from break ups, and typically need to take more time off from work compared to other signs in the zodiac to refresh themselves from all the pressures in life. The most sensitive sign of the Zodiac it is important to take care of yourself. Do not be so hard on yourself because typically you beat yourself up more than others.

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