November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Archer
Stone: Turquoise
Life pursuit: Live the good life
Secret desire: Make a real difference in the world

Sagittarians are naturally full of energy. Totally full of life, with a real sense of adventure , they truly have a zest for life, which makes them one of the most optimistic zodiac signs. Their sign the Archer fits perfectly, because they aim their sights for whatever it might be that they find alluring, and making sure they succeed in getting what they desire. This could be for love, career path, or maybe travel. Sky’s the limit with their thought process, and they are very adept at finding their own way in life, and seeking out their very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Sagittarians are most happy when on the move, and this can be very frustrating trying to tie down such a free spirit. Very attracted to exploring new cultures, ideas, and occupations related to travel, outdoor type work, and philosophical pursuits. They hate to be “fenced” in when it comes to love, but once they find a partner who understands that they need their own identity and space. They are full of love, extremely big hearted, generous companions of all.

Freedom lovers, ultra optimistic, and honest to a fault. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, which stands for abundance and higher learning. The wisdom Jupiter imbibes Sagittarians with an innate ability to develop their own unique philosophy of life. The Centaur with a Bow is their astrological symbol, and this gives tons of insight into the Sagittarian personality. A higher evolved Sagittarian learns to integrate both ends of the Centaur (half man half horse) for their arrow aka their aspirations and goals to be more on the mark. Lacking tact in relationships, even when so spiritually advanced and intelligent, they still do not understand how much they can hurt people close to them on their quest of independence. When mutually in love, they are one of the most big hearted signs in the zodiac, if you can get one to settle down that is.
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